Thursday, October 20, 2011


What's up world?!

Sorry I havn't been posting here, I have a new, better blog dedicated to My DJing, and everything that i was using this one for. I ask you all to check it out HERE!!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raves, New DJ equipment, and getting in shape!

Hey world, its been awhile.

So, I have been busy! I've been selling my Advocare, I've been doing some research on different internet marketing techniques, and I've been working out more and staying in shape. (Hooray!) But, more on that later.
because right now, I wanna focus on my amazing weekend!

Flier for the party
This weekend, My girlfriend and I ventured to Houston, TX to attend "The Candy Kingdom Slumber Party". The party was being thrown by Undercore, a production crew based out of Houston, but there was a Texas Hardcore stage so, Jessica and I were able to attend for free! The Houston weather , very hot and humid, wasn't my ideal partying climate, but the overall night made the four hour drive totally worth it. I got to see some friend I hadn't seen in months, and I got to get crazy on the dance floor. The crowd consisted of people from all different corners of the rave scene. I mean, you had the Kandi ravers, the punk looking Hardcore/Gabber fans, there were Junglists, and of course sadly there was a bunch of "everyday I'm shuffling" LMFAO posers.

Spazz, Jessica, Seven

Oh, and ZOMBIES! Because Texas Hardcore and 8E-Tribe are  just that hardcore
Ok, now time for the other stuff.

I've been doing so really simple yet effective workouts that helped me lose a little extra weight I had put on, and according to Jessica, it feels like I'm getting more "Muscely" lol, I consider that a compliment , and a sign that I must be doing something right because she doesn't know I've been working out.

Keyword research? QR Code advertisement? Affiliate Marketing? What does it all mean?!?!?! 

Find out next time I update ;p

Until next time,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What?! Free stuff?!

Hey world!
I'm actually really excited, but I'll get to that in a second.
You have to hear the whole story.

Ok, so I was working on music today and suddenly block(?) hit me.
So, I got on facebook and posted about it, hoping to possibly get some track ideas from
fellow producers. Well, my friend Andrew messaged me and told me to come over.
He does House music, so I figured why not maybe I could steel one of his glitchy house
leads and turn it into hardcore. I get there and we start messing around in Cubase, and
I notice something. A brand new xbox360 and the kinect and all that jazz. I look at andrew and I'm like, "What?! You just bought an NS6 (a DJ controller for those of you who dont know, and it runs about $1000) and now you have a kinect?! Wtf man are you dealing drugs?!" and... well.. he showed me this sketchy looking rewards site, where you fill out surveys, watch videos, etc. but.. well obviously it worked, he had a brand new kinect.

I went to check out the site on my own and they have tons of cool stuff! like Games, Books, Kitchen Appliances (wtf?)... and.. well ... This wouldn't really have caught my interest if it wasn't for my girl friend.. but Magic: The gathering cards. (She got me completely addicted x_x)

but anyways, theres tons of cool stuff you can get for free just by watching videos?! and playing games.

So for those of you that are bored with nothing to do during the day (or if you're an insomniac looking to find a productive way to spend your evening hours) then I HIGHLY recommend this site to YOU!

Pretty simple stuff, oh and if you use that BANNER ^  right there, you get some points to start off with, and I get points for referring you. It's basically multi level marketing with points rather than cash.

oh and for those of you who havn't checked out my new blog, I would appreciate it.

Until next time,


Monday, September 12, 2011

I feel stuck

Hey world,

I feel stuck.
I have plans, I know how to put them into action, I just don't know where to start.
Mainly with the Advocare stuff, I man online marketing is simple in theory, I just don't really know where to begin. Does anyone have any advice?

OH! and I want to get a new job, not fast food lol, not food at all preferably.
Retail is fine, since I'm great with customers and stuff, I just kinda suck at the food part.
I am going to try and work at "The Gas Pipe" which is a tobacco shop. It seems fun.
Has anyone ever worked in a smoke shop before?
any advice on how to get a job there?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got some plans :]

Hello world!
After taking a look at my life and seeing where I am versus where I want to be,
I have finally decided that I'm going to start making changes instead of doing the
same ol' same ol' routine. 

I renewed my Advocare distributor thing, 

I'm going to start another blog dedicated to Advocare, 
(i'll post a link once I start it if you wanna check it out)

I'm doing alot of networking with Hardcore DJ's from
US - EUR and going to really start promoting my DJ

I'm going to workout and stretch more.
(I'm not out of shape, but I figured I should try to better my life in as many ways as I can)

I'm going to start learning another language.
(I was doing Viet for awhile but I'm going to learn German)

and yeah, I'm not going to let my life waste away.

I'll keep ya posted 


Monday, August 29, 2011

More updates about my eventful life!

Hey world :D
I started working over here at the Taco Cabana, and it is just horrible. Like I can't understand what half the people are saying. It's like super ghetto hood speak. I think I'd rather have gypsies in my store again! I'm quitting for a job at best buy :]

I'll be in Utah this weekend celebrating my grandfathers 90th birthday! I'm pretty excited since I haven't seen my family up there since I was 16. I also get to see some of my friends up there I haven't seen in a while (some I've never met in person) so it should be pretty fun :]

OH! and here are two different mixes of mine I found on my computer. They're a bit old but I haven't released them until now.

Here are my "Can you plug it?" and "STFU and Dance" mixes.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Alright so I'm getting life on track.

Ok world!
So moving out is working out for the best, I'm gonna be working about 30 - 40 hours at Taco Cabana , which is way better than I was expecting. Life is working out, and yeah hooray. On a down note, my equipment is completely broken. So I will be buying a better setup within a few weeks (It's about damn time honestly).
In the mean time I will be working on original music rather than mixing. It will be fun and I'll post things up on the blog from time to time. I'm trying to think of some content for my blog and I'm having trouble.

Any thoughts?


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I moved out and stuff

Whats up world, I moved out. I now live in Mesquite and yeah. It's a pretty interesting.
Im gonna transfer to the Taco Cabana right down the road. I don't have money for school though, I need about $100.00 by the end of the week. But I have no income which sucks. I pick up my last pay check this friday so let's hope it's at least $100.00

Well I shall update later in the week.

Just gotta stay positive and look at what I have.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011


WORLD!! It's been a while

Mkay so yes, I have let this blog die. I have been way busy with school and work and DJing and all kinds of other personal life things.  But oh well, I'm back and I'm not gonna let it die this time. So, heres what is new.

I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!! (peacock from a couple posts down) Jessica, but anyways. Yeah she is pretty great, no lie. As much as I'd like to rant on and on and on, I have to continue with my update.

I have chemistry class in less than an hour x_x I am probably failing because summer classes are horrid.

And finally, the club that I became so fond of (Darkside) is under investigation
(climax of the update)

I'd check these out.
Channel 8 and Fox News​ws/072611-alleged-sex-club-pos​ing-as-religious-ministry-clos​ed

.. so needless to say, I'll be spinning there this friday and tearing the club up with crazy Hardcore Breakcore Frenchcore and Jungle. ALL IN ONE!. Im gonna be sooo all over the place, Donking up the dance floor. 9001 Donks.
I'm totally addicted to donk.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Im in a pretty great mood today despite all the craziness around me going on. Was gonna go down to Austin this weekend but.. not enough money x_x due to unexpected expenses. any who, heres a short little mix. like.. very little. But I was trying out some new mixing styles to give kind of more of a mash-up feel rather than mixing. Very influenced by Gammer (my freaking IDOL) and its how I plan on spinning at Darkside :P

Practice for darkside.. blog update by DJ_SEVEN

mkay, so its wednesday, my mom and sister are leaving for mexico today. I have a booking tomorrow (yes thursday night wtf) where mainly electro and dub step DJ's will be <,< hmmm. Well I hope I dont clear the dance floor too fast ;D I think Im gonna play Happy / UK Hardcore remixes of dub and electro songs just to see the reaction. Then just be like ha JK and spin trance. There aren't enough trance DJ's in the area.

I think I may have insomnia. I literally can't sleep. I used to be able to sometimes during the day, but nope. I was mixing last night, and I turned around and saw the sun through my window. I didnt even feel the time pass by. So I tried to sleep, got like an hour or too, and woke up to my mom in my room. I was like, woah what are you doing, and she was looking for a shirt or something. Idk. but then I couldnt fall back asleep, so I went downstairs and ate a waffle.

Most of you know that about a year ago I was in China. It was probaly the most amazing expirience of my life.While I was there. EVERYONE was freakin playing that angry birds game, I''ve noticed that the game has become alot more popular. So, for those of you that play the game  here is a way for you to enjoy angry birds on your pc.

Until next time.
Seven :D

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday! Weekend review!


Hey so I'm not sick anymore, and I'm having a pretty sweet weekend.
Last night I was invited out to the club Darkside to watch Moonstruck at one of his last bookings,
Well, I got lost, and even though I left for the club at around 12 I didnt make it there until 3 (its a 40 minute drive) basically, I could have just drove out to Karma Lounge in Austin, but whatever. Anyways, I missed the only 2 DJ's I was there to see. I caught moonstruck on his way out so I at least got to say whats up. I was pretty bummed about that, plus most of the people I knew were leaving. So me and my friend Courtland were just walkin around and then I ran into some friends from FB that I had never met until that night, and this girl Victoria (Crazy Sunshine) who I hadn't seen in ages. She introduced me to the manager guy, and I got instant bookings. the 8th and the 16th and I think he said that I'll be headlining. I was pretty stoked especially since it was my first time to this club. I met alot of fun new people too. I had a video but the sound didnt record :[ so here are some pictures.

Seven and Peacock (SHH SHH)

Woodstock and Seven

Seven and Kort

Kort and Peacock

Woodstock and Kort

the shoes of seven peacock and woodstock

Raiden and Adam

Kort and Crazy Sunshine

I forgot her name :[ but she moved to Florida today

The crowd at Darkside was very loving, and I wish I would have remembered that I had my camera so I could have taken more pics. Oh well, next time I'll have pics and Vids and everything. No mix today, next time I swear though.


Friday, June 24, 2011

thursday friday blog stuff!

Hey world :P

Im sick, but less sick than I was wed. and thursday. So last night, I saw on facebook that one of my favorite local DJs, whos been a huggge inspiration to me over the years, is going to quit DJing to focus on his marriage and move on in life. So todays mix is one of my favorite mixes from him.
(HIS WEDDING MIX! haha you can hear my whistle in the intro)
Enjoy :D
Moonstruck Red - 3 Simple Word (With Wedding Intro) by MoonstruckRed

so since I've been sick. I missed the boring thursday dedication. To make up for that, two lucky Bloggers will be featured today. Thats right, TWO not one.
Men's FAST BEATS BLOG for not only being a great contributer to the blog community, but for posting some sick music :P
Germ's RABLINGS BLOG for contributing and doing some awesome reviews.

Show these guys some love and appreciation for what they do for our little community here.

I have today, tomorrow, and sunday off. So I'll be bloggin more (and resting)

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taco Tuesday!

Hey World,

Feeling much better today, Had a nightmare but no sleep paralysis. Power just went out AAAA!
Anyways, todays mix was going to be my practice from austin... but while practicing I went a little nuts... and.... well... hardcore to breakcore to Donk... but like 200 bpm donk >.> to breakcore and all of a sudden there was.... Happy speed donk dub core step ...
and since the new site I host all my mixes on is making me apply for membership rather than just signing up... The mix is delayed D:

So I took my car into the shop today, and $770 later, my car was fixed. Oh well, what can ya do.
I went into work today, and did my usual taco making thing. I have noticed more and more homeless people coming in. I dont mind the homeless because they dont steal stuff, the gypsies in the are how ever... they're another story. Seriously, one time I gave this girl at least 20 3 oz (60 oz's) of queso for free x_x because technically if they ask after they pay were just supposed to give it to them, but yeah.. I finally was like, ok I'm about to have to start charging you for them. and the Gypsie mom did not like that one bit x_x (yes btw I mean real gypsies, look up the facebook group for the gypsies of white settlement)

So, since alot of people have asked me, I'll share with you my sleep paralysis experience. For those of you who don't know. Before you enter REM sleep (when you dream) your body goes through multiple stages. In one of the first stages, your body shuts down so it doesn't act out your dreams. Well just like some people act out their dreams (sleep walkers, talkers, etc) Some people (like myself) wake up, but their body doesnt wake up. This is called sleep paralysis. Sometimes it just kind of sucks because you can't move, and sometimes you hallucinate and or hear strange noises. My first memory of this is when I was taking a nap with my mom at my grandpas house a lonnngg time ago. I woke up, couldnt move, but I could hear voices coming from the closest and saw this little shadowy figure in the closest shifting things around. Well once I could move, I freaked out and did not go into that room again until I was 11. My mom remembers this happening (me freaking out) anyways, it happened every so often, but it wasn't until I was 14 or 15 that I understood what it was. Well the other night I was dreaming, and then suddenly it all went black. I was aware of myself being in a dream state, so I was trying to think of something so I wouldnt wake up. Then I heard noises best described as low, deep distorted humming. I opend my eyes, saw my ceiling fan and 3 black orbs swirling around my ceiling as if they were causing the humming. Shadowy mist looking waves started coming out of my walls and were forming shadow figures with white eyes. They were leaning over me seeming to get closer. There was a dark, old women standing near me leaning in and I could hear her like grunting and breathing. That was normal. The shadow people, that was normal too. But then I felt like this scratching, tingling feeling on my chest. I looked up as much as I could to see this imp like creature sitting on my chest trying to like scratch into me. I have never felt a hallucination before, so when I felt it scratching into me I tried screaming, but nothing came out but my breathing (which is also common). I finally shook my body awake enough to throw myself up and of course sitting up caused the hydrogenations to end.

So any of you wanna share your sleep paralysis stories with me?
I'm pretty interested.

Til Next time,

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday x__x

Whats up World?

Blah sorry I havn't been updating, I've had a crazy weekend and not in the fun way either haha. My car is messed up and I have a big gig in Austin that I may end up missing out on. Ok so no today,I had no time :\ but tomorrow Im gonna give you guys a longer mix, and you will hear me try out some new things.

ok so I started the morning off with some scary sleep paralysis, hallucinations and all. This is something I've been dealing with since I was three years old. I kinda freaked out a little more then usual this morning though. Not gonna lie, I had to call my girlfriend in order to go back to sleep. I would describe what I saw and what I heard, but for those of you who haven't experienced sleep paralysis, you'd either think I was lying or I was crazy haha.

This is kind of a short post because I have to wake up early to take my car to the repair shope in the morning. Tomorrows post will be better, I swear.

Until Next time,

Friday, June 17, 2011

FRIDAY! New mix, and Hookah review time!!

First off, Id like to thank each and every one of my blog readers. This whole Blogging community has been friendly and welcoming, I enjoy reading all of your posts and love getting your comments. The feedback you guys give is really encouraging, I'm glad you guys enjoy the content of my blog.

Second, Blog mix number two. I put a little more work into this one because to be honest I didnt expect many people to give the last one a listen. This one is still a happy/uk hardcore mix, but less of a sing along.

DJ Seven - mix for friday's blog update by DJ_SEVEN


Third! By popular demand it is Hookah Time!
Since its the first Hookah Review, I'm going to talk about three different flavors today. A fruity one, A Minty one, and a CItrus(ish) one. All three flavors are from the Social Smoke brand (which for those of you who don't know is based in Arlington Texas) and I prefer them to Starbuzz. I'm a bit of a hookah / shisha nerd, so I get kind of into what I'm smoking.

  • Social Smoke: Baja Blue

 Two words, Gummy Bears. Seriously, the little kid inside me went nuts for this flavor. Since its social smoke, the flavor is full but not over bearing like some brands are (as in the hookah-hookah green apple that gave me a migraine)
This flavor produces nice, thick smoke that isn't harsh and the tobacco is cut very fine. This is the first flavor I recommend to fans of sweet flavors.

  • Social Smoke: Absolute Zero
When I smoke this flavor, I feel like I'm inhaling a pack of Winter Fresh gum. Its like someone planted some ice breaker mints with their tobacco plant. Just at the first puff, the cool mint sensation kind of caught me off guard. A lot stronger then other mint flavors I have smoked. If you're a lover of minty fresh flavors (which I am) then Absolute Zero is a MUST HAVE! Now, for those of you who aren't to keen on having Alaska in your mouth, I don't recommend this flavor by itself. The way the tobacco is cut makes it an EXCELLENT mix to any flavor, it doesn't over power your bass flavor with minty-ness but it does give it a cool kick.  
  •  Social Smoke: Mobster'

This flavor is by far one of the best flavors I have tried, it tastes EXACTLY like the green Monster Energy Drink. Its like drinking a can of monster without the sticky feeling in your throat. The clouds on this one are nice, and the tobacco is cut fine. 

Thats it  for todays update, I have some big things planned for this blog. So once again, thank you all for supporting me in the beginning and I look forward to growing my blog with you guys.

Until next time,

RANDOM QUESTION: If you could describe yourself as a food. What would it be and why?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Its blog time!!

Hey world!!
So as requested, I have uploaded a mix for all of you to hear, it isn't anything super special just like a little sample  of my mixing style. I'll probably upload a longer one on another post.
This mix is just for the people following my blog, so feel special kids and enjoy it.
(kind of messed up there at the end but eh, what can ya do it was a practice session)

DJ Seven - Practice mix for blog by DJ_SEVEN

nothing really spectacular to write about today haha. Work was kind of boring, My day was kind of boring, everything was kind of boring. So maybe Ill make my posts on Thursday a post dedicated to other Bloggers, and help spread the word on there Blog.

Todays winner of the Boring thursday Blog award is :  Mia!

So you all should for sure go show here some love, follow her, comment her, welcome her to the blogging community.

As for tomorrows update, I think I will let you decide. Should I:

  1. Do a Hookah flavor review?
  2. Do a current event?
  3. Write a movie reveiw? (Suggest a movie)
  4. Upload a pod cast every friday, that is basically my blog but in words.
  5. or should I talk about my favorite food?
Thats right my friends, the future is in your hands!!

Until next time, 

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Everbody wants to be a DJ

Hello World,

Sorry about not uploading the practice Mix last night, I forget to hit record (also it was some crazy breakcore and I know that locally nobody really appreciates it so I didn't lose sleep over not posting it) I will post a happy hardcore one up later (my usual style)

Anyways, on to more relevant things. I've been getting alot of questions from people looking into taking there first steps on the road to becoming a DJ / Electronic music performer. They ask me what the best equipment and/or software is best for beginners, where to get it, etc. and what alot of people aren't realizing right of the bat is that being a DJ and making electronic music are two completely different things. Some people do one or the other, and some people (like myself) do both.

SO! For those of you looking to do one or the other, I have created a list of what I consider to be the best (and most cost friendly) equipment for beginners!

  1. The Numark Mix Deck
  • I personally love this! It has a mixer, two CDJs with bpm read outs, acts as a midi controller, and can even take mp3 off a flash drive. This is truly an all in one package, and helps give beginning DJ's experience in mixing CD's and MP3's. The only downside is that if you had a booking in another state, it would be a little hard to transport, and unless every DJ will be mixing on this, using it at live events would be difficult to coordinate.
  1. The Numark Mix Track PRO
  • Just like the above, minus the CDJ's. This is an all in one MP3 DJ Package. Two disc Jogs, a mixer, and a built in sound card. The size is nice, and its easily taken from place to place. Its big enough to look professional but small enough not to be in the way. For those of you who are looking to use MP3 only I recommend saving money and using this.
  1. The Numark Total Control

  • This is what I started with, and ended up going back to. This has two disc jogs, all the buttons and knobs as the two above controllers, but the downsides are no built-in sound cards, and no CDJ's. Why do I use it you ask? Well, not only is it about the size of One CDJ (its great for long distance bookings) It can be mapped out to Ableton, FL Studio, just about anything (with a little know how). Oh yeah, and its cheap! Its perfect for those looking to do live PA's and do DJ sets. Get the DJ I/O (sound card) and a decent pair of headphones, and you are set!

I hope that helps out anyone looking into getting into DJing / live EDM production.

Random Question: What is the most ridiculous DJ name you have ever heard? (ie: DJ Tex-Mex, DJ Statutory Rave, DJ Sparkle Pony)
I look forward to some interesting responses,

Until next time,

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its tuesday tuesday gotta update on tuesday!

Hello World!
Its Tuesday, and I did nothing special. I woke up, went to work, I made some Tacos, made some Quesadillias , came home. While at work, there was this homeless guy who came in (he comes in alot to use our free wifi and eat our free chips and sometimes buys a taco) and he was in a very good mood today, it kinda freaked me out but not really if that makes sense, anyways, turns out he speaks a ton of Spanish. I don't though, so him and my co-worker were talking bad about me in Spanish, oh well I'm used to it. Oh the things I put up with being a white boy in a taco shop.
Is it sad that today at work I had to remind myself to update my Blog? I even made a mental list of what I needed to do:

  1.  Update Blog
  2.  Practice Mixing
  3.  Relax

Some how getting on skype with my lady friend fell onto that list.

Well I guess now I should go practice. BTW, I'm not new to spinning and am far from a "Bedroom DJ" I just try and practice at least two or three hours a day. Gotta keep my skills up :p
Ill post my practice mix up later for those of you who are interested in listening.

OH! and before I forget, you should like my DJ page

Seven Spinning at Mountasia in NRH

DJ Seven Fan page

Until Next time :]

Monday, June 13, 2011

Hello World!!

Hey there!
I'm new to this whole blogging thing and cannot wait to get this up and running.
I plan on just kind of experimenting with different types of posts and seeing what kinds of feedback I get.
Let me know what you like and dislike.

Random Question: What would you wish for if you had three wishes?

Well right about now I'd wish for two first class round trip tickets to China (kun ming) , an all expenses paid trip, and a million extra bucks to spend on whatever (probably lend some to my friends and family)

Me and My Group on top of a building at Qujing Normal University
What about you? Answer in the comments below.

Until next time,