Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got some plans :]

Hello world!
After taking a look at my life and seeing where I am versus where I want to be,
I have finally decided that I'm going to start making changes instead of doing the
same ol' same ol' routine. 

I renewed my Advocare distributor thing, 

I'm going to start another blog dedicated to Advocare, 
(i'll post a link once I start it if you wanna check it out)

I'm doing alot of networking with Hardcore DJ's from
US - EUR and going to really start promoting my DJ

I'm going to workout and stretch more.
(I'm not out of shape, but I figured I should try to better my life in as many ways as I can)

I'm going to start learning another language.
(I was doing Viet for awhile but I'm going to learn German)

and yeah, I'm not going to let my life waste away.

I'll keep ya posted