Thursday, October 20, 2011


What's up world?!

Sorry I havn't been posting here, I have a new, better blog dedicated to My DJing, and everything that i was using this one for. I ask you all to check it out HERE!!!!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raves, New DJ equipment, and getting in shape!

Hey world, its been awhile.

So, I have been busy! I've been selling my Advocare, I've been doing some research on different internet marketing techniques, and I've been working out more and staying in shape. (Hooray!) But, more on that later.
because right now, I wanna focus on my amazing weekend!

Flier for the party
This weekend, My girlfriend and I ventured to Houston, TX to attend "The Candy Kingdom Slumber Party". The party was being thrown by Undercore, a production crew based out of Houston, but there was a Texas Hardcore stage so, Jessica and I were able to attend for free! The Houston weather , very hot and humid, wasn't my ideal partying climate, but the overall night made the four hour drive totally worth it. I got to see some friend I hadn't seen in months, and I got to get crazy on the dance floor. The crowd consisted of people from all different corners of the rave scene. I mean, you had the Kandi ravers, the punk looking Hardcore/Gabber fans, there were Junglists, and of course sadly there was a bunch of "everyday I'm shuffling" LMFAO posers.

Spazz, Jessica, Seven

Oh, and ZOMBIES! Because Texas Hardcore and 8E-Tribe are  just that hardcore
Ok, now time for the other stuff.

I've been doing so really simple yet effective workouts that helped me lose a little extra weight I had put on, and according to Jessica, it feels like I'm getting more "Muscely" lol, I consider that a compliment , and a sign that I must be doing something right because she doesn't know I've been working out.

Keyword research? QR Code advertisement? Affiliate Marketing? What does it all mean?!?!?! 

Find out next time I update ;p

Until next time,

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What?! Free stuff?!

Hey world!
I'm actually really excited, but I'll get to that in a second.
You have to hear the whole story.

Ok, so I was working on music today and suddenly block(?) hit me.
So, I got on facebook and posted about it, hoping to possibly get some track ideas from
fellow producers. Well, my friend Andrew messaged me and told me to come over.
He does House music, so I figured why not maybe I could steel one of his glitchy house
leads and turn it into hardcore. I get there and we start messing around in Cubase, and
I notice something. A brand new xbox360 and the kinect and all that jazz. I look at andrew and I'm like, "What?! You just bought an NS6 (a DJ controller for those of you who dont know, and it runs about $1000) and now you have a kinect?! Wtf man are you dealing drugs?!" and... well.. he showed me this sketchy looking rewards site, where you fill out surveys, watch videos, etc. but.. well obviously it worked, he had a brand new kinect.

I went to check out the site on my own and they have tons of cool stuff! like Games, Books, Kitchen Appliances (wtf?)... and.. well ... This wouldn't really have caught my interest if it wasn't for my girl friend.. but Magic: The gathering cards. (She got me completely addicted x_x)

but anyways, theres tons of cool stuff you can get for free just by watching videos?! and playing games.

So for those of you that are bored with nothing to do during the day (or if you're an insomniac looking to find a productive way to spend your evening hours) then I HIGHLY recommend this site to YOU!

Pretty simple stuff, oh and if you use that BANNER ^  right there, you get some points to start off with, and I get points for referring you. It's basically multi level marketing with points rather than cash.

oh and for those of you who havn't checked out my new blog, I would appreciate it.

Until next time,


Monday, September 12, 2011

I feel stuck

Hey world,

I feel stuck.
I have plans, I know how to put them into action, I just don't know where to start.
Mainly with the Advocare stuff, I man online marketing is simple in theory, I just don't really know where to begin. Does anyone have any advice?

OH! and I want to get a new job, not fast food lol, not food at all preferably.
Retail is fine, since I'm great with customers and stuff, I just kinda suck at the food part.
I am going to try and work at "The Gas Pipe" which is a tobacco shop. It seems fun.
Has anyone ever worked in a smoke shop before?
any advice on how to get a job there?


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I got some plans :]

Hello world!
After taking a look at my life and seeing where I am versus where I want to be,
I have finally decided that I'm going to start making changes instead of doing the
same ol' same ol' routine. 

I renewed my Advocare distributor thing, 

I'm going to start another blog dedicated to Advocare, 
(i'll post a link once I start it if you wanna check it out)

I'm doing alot of networking with Hardcore DJ's from
US - EUR and going to really start promoting my DJ

I'm going to workout and stretch more.
(I'm not out of shape, but I figured I should try to better my life in as many ways as I can)

I'm going to start learning another language.
(I was doing Viet for awhile but I'm going to learn German)

and yeah, I'm not going to let my life waste away.

I'll keep ya posted 


Monday, August 29, 2011

More updates about my eventful life!

Hey world :D
I started working over here at the Taco Cabana, and it is just horrible. Like I can't understand what half the people are saying. It's like super ghetto hood speak. I think I'd rather have gypsies in my store again! I'm quitting for a job at best buy :]

I'll be in Utah this weekend celebrating my grandfathers 90th birthday! I'm pretty excited since I haven't seen my family up there since I was 16. I also get to see some of my friends up there I haven't seen in a while (some I've never met in person) so it should be pretty fun :]

OH! and here are two different mixes of mine I found on my computer. They're a bit old but I haven't released them until now.

Here are my "Can you plug it?" and "STFU and Dance" mixes.


Monday, August 22, 2011

Alright so I'm getting life on track.

Ok world!
So moving out is working out for the best, I'm gonna be working about 30 - 40 hours at Taco Cabana , which is way better than I was expecting. Life is working out, and yeah hooray. On a down note, my equipment is completely broken. So I will be buying a better setup within a few weeks (It's about damn time honestly).
In the mean time I will be working on original music rather than mixing. It will be fun and I'll post things up on the blog from time to time. I'm trying to think of some content for my blog and I'm having trouble.

Any thoughts?