Monday, August 29, 2011

More updates about my eventful life!

Hey world :D
I started working over here at the Taco Cabana, and it is just horrible. Like I can't understand what half the people are saying. It's like super ghetto hood speak. I think I'd rather have gypsies in my store again! I'm quitting for a job at best buy :]

I'll be in Utah this weekend celebrating my grandfathers 90th birthday! I'm pretty excited since I haven't seen my family up there since I was 16. I also get to see some of my friends up there I haven't seen in a while (some I've never met in person) so it should be pretty fun :]

OH! and here are two different mixes of mine I found on my computer. They're a bit old but I haven't released them until now.

Here are my "Can you plug it?" and "STFU and Dance" mixes.