Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Raves, New DJ equipment, and getting in shape!

Hey world, its been awhile.

So, I have been busy! I've been selling my Advocare, I've been doing some research on different internet marketing techniques, and I've been working out more and staying in shape. (Hooray!) But, more on that later.
because right now, I wanna focus on my amazing weekend!

Flier for the party
This weekend, My girlfriend and I ventured to Houston, TX to attend "The Candy Kingdom Slumber Party". The party was being thrown by Undercore, a production crew based out of Houston, but there was a Texas Hardcore stage so, Jessica and I were able to attend for free! The Houston weather , very hot and humid, wasn't my ideal partying climate, but the overall night made the four hour drive totally worth it. I got to see some friend I hadn't seen in months, and I got to get crazy on the dance floor. The crowd consisted of people from all different corners of the rave scene. I mean, you had the Kandi ravers, the punk looking Hardcore/Gabber fans, there were Junglists, and of course sadly there was a bunch of "everyday I'm shuffling" LMFAO posers.

Spazz, Jessica, Seven

Oh, and ZOMBIES! Because Texas Hardcore and 8E-Tribe are  just that hardcore
Ok, now time for the other stuff.

I've been doing so really simple yet effective workouts that helped me lose a little extra weight I had put on, and according to Jessica, it feels like I'm getting more "Muscely" lol, I consider that a compliment , and a sign that I must be doing something right because she doesn't know I've been working out.

Keyword research? QR Code advertisement? Affiliate Marketing? What does it all mean?!?!?! 

Find out next time I update ;p

Until next time,