Friday, June 17, 2011

FRIDAY! New mix, and Hookah review time!!

First off, Id like to thank each and every one of my blog readers. This whole Blogging community has been friendly and welcoming, I enjoy reading all of your posts and love getting your comments. The feedback you guys give is really encouraging, I'm glad you guys enjoy the content of my blog.

Second, Blog mix number two. I put a little more work into this one because to be honest I didnt expect many people to give the last one a listen. This one is still a happy/uk hardcore mix, but less of a sing along.

DJ Seven - mix for friday's blog update by DJ_SEVEN


Third! By popular demand it is Hookah Time!
Since its the first Hookah Review, I'm going to talk about three different flavors today. A fruity one, A Minty one, and a CItrus(ish) one. All three flavors are from the Social Smoke brand (which for those of you who don't know is based in Arlington Texas) and I prefer them to Starbuzz. I'm a bit of a hookah / shisha nerd, so I get kind of into what I'm smoking.

  • Social Smoke: Baja Blue

 Two words, Gummy Bears. Seriously, the little kid inside me went nuts for this flavor. Since its social smoke, the flavor is full but not over bearing like some brands are (as in the hookah-hookah green apple that gave me a migraine)
This flavor produces nice, thick smoke that isn't harsh and the tobacco is cut very fine. This is the first flavor I recommend to fans of sweet flavors.

  • Social Smoke: Absolute Zero
When I smoke this flavor, I feel like I'm inhaling a pack of Winter Fresh gum. Its like someone planted some ice breaker mints with their tobacco plant. Just at the first puff, the cool mint sensation kind of caught me off guard. A lot stronger then other mint flavors I have smoked. If you're a lover of minty fresh flavors (which I am) then Absolute Zero is a MUST HAVE! Now, for those of you who aren't to keen on having Alaska in your mouth, I don't recommend this flavor by itself. The way the tobacco is cut makes it an EXCELLENT mix to any flavor, it doesn't over power your bass flavor with minty-ness but it does give it a cool kick.  
  •  Social Smoke: Mobster'

This flavor is by far one of the best flavors I have tried, it tastes EXACTLY like the green Monster Energy Drink. Its like drinking a can of monster without the sticky feeling in your throat. The clouds on this one are nice, and the tobacco is cut fine. 

Thats it  for todays update, I have some big things planned for this blog. So once again, thank you all for supporting me in the beginning and I look forward to growing my blog with you guys.

Until next time,

RANDOM QUESTION: If you could describe yourself as a food. What would it be and why?


  1. The baja blue sounds interesting :]

  2. I'll second the baja blue sounding good, do you smoke any other kinds of tobacco by chance? there are some great flavored cigars out there

  3. I like the baja blue the best.

  4. Yeah, for my next review I may do either more shisha or I was thinking flavored cigars.
    Haha before china I only smoked hookah, and while in china i was introduced to alot of other great smokable things

  5. @the random question

    I'd be bacon! Because I'm as random as the question xD.

    Nice post.

  6. I'm feeling more like Absalute zero!

  7. I'll stick with weed thanks

  8. I'm new to following you, but personally I don't smoke. but I can say, I can tell my brothers about this since they do smoke and actually seem like I can introduce them to something.

    Oh, great song BTW.

  9. Those all look really good, I'm going to have to try them all!

  10. I've only tried Absolute Zero.

  11. All those flavors sound really nice.

  12. Looks so yummy.

  13. Hehe, you went all out with the laser effects and bass synth eh?

  14. Strange new flavors, nice music. Cool.

  15. That beat is really good, I think I'll have to check out more from DJ seven