Friday, June 24, 2011

thursday friday blog stuff!

Hey world :P

Im sick, but less sick than I was wed. and thursday. So last night, I saw on facebook that one of my favorite local DJs, whos been a huggge inspiration to me over the years, is going to quit DJing to focus on his marriage and move on in life. So todays mix is one of my favorite mixes from him.
(HIS WEDDING MIX! haha you can hear my whistle in the intro)
Enjoy :D
Moonstruck Red - 3 Simple Word (With Wedding Intro) by MoonstruckRed

so since I've been sick. I missed the boring thursday dedication. To make up for that, two lucky Bloggers will be featured today. Thats right, TWO not one.
Men's FAST BEATS BLOG for not only being a great contributer to the blog community, but for posting some sick music :P
Germ's RABLINGS BLOG for contributing and doing some awesome reviews.

Show these guys some love and appreciation for what they do for our little community here.

I have today, tomorrow, and sunday off. So I'll be bloggin more (and resting)

Until next time,


  1. Wait, so is this a remix played at the wedding, or a remix of audio recorded at the wedding? Either way, it sounds great.

    Also, get well soon.

  2. It was a rave wedding :P
    This is the groom Mixing