Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday! Weekend review!


Hey so I'm not sick anymore, and I'm having a pretty sweet weekend.
Last night I was invited out to the club Darkside to watch Moonstruck at one of his last bookings,
Well, I got lost, and even though I left for the club at around 12 I didnt make it there until 3 (its a 40 minute drive) basically, I could have just drove out to Karma Lounge in Austin, but whatever. Anyways, I missed the only 2 DJ's I was there to see. I caught moonstruck on his way out so I at least got to say whats up. I was pretty bummed about that, plus most of the people I knew were leaving. So me and my friend Courtland were just walkin around and then I ran into some friends from FB that I had never met until that night, and this girl Victoria (Crazy Sunshine) who I hadn't seen in ages. She introduced me to the manager guy, and I got instant bookings. the 8th and the 16th and I think he said that I'll be headlining. I was pretty stoked especially since it was my first time to this club. I met alot of fun new people too. I had a video but the sound didnt record :[ so here are some pictures.

Seven and Peacock (SHH SHH)

Woodstock and Seven

Seven and Kort

Kort and Peacock

Woodstock and Kort

the shoes of seven peacock and woodstock

Raiden and Adam

Kort and Crazy Sunshine

I forgot her name :[ but she moved to Florida today

The crowd at Darkside was very loving, and I wish I would have remembered that I had my camera so I could have taken more pics. Oh well, next time I'll have pics and Vids and everything. No mix today, next time I swear though.



  1. are your parents big seinfeld fans?

  2. What's the deal with the gal in the background of the last picture? Is that like a post apocalyptic fairy?

  3. damn it must be real fun there ;)
    gotya back bro!

  4. Kort looks a LOT like someone I know, lol!

  5. E: I dont think they are, why do you ask
    Tombside: Oh thats Naomi... Idk I just all these people minus Kort and Victoria
    Learner: Im in the US, in Texas
    Blorriepoes: It is, I love it :] got cha too
    Menshans: Oh really now?

  6. I hope you enjoyed your weekend, I love parties too.
    The Pictures looks at any rate very nice.

  7. No mix =( Seems like you had a fun weekend.

  8. looks like you had a great weekend. sucks you missed the DJs but look on the bright side you got urself a gig?

  9. Hey at least you got a gig out of it!

  10. Looks like you had a great time!

  11. Looks like you had so much fun bro, especially you got to know more people around the place!

  12. Seems fun. Your friends seem cool.