Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday x__x

Whats up World?

Blah sorry I havn't been updating, I've had a crazy weekend and not in the fun way either haha. My car is messed up and I have a big gig in Austin that I may end up missing out on. Ok so no today,I had no time :\ but tomorrow Im gonna give you guys a longer mix, and you will hear me try out some new things.

ok so I started the morning off with some scary sleep paralysis, hallucinations and all. This is something I've been dealing with since I was three years old. I kinda freaked out a little more then usual this morning though. Not gonna lie, I had to call my girlfriend in order to go back to sleep. I would describe what I saw and what I heard, but for those of you who haven't experienced sleep paralysis, you'd either think I was lying or I was crazy haha.

This is kind of a short post because I have to wake up early to take my car to the repair shope in the morning. Tomorrows post will be better, I swear.

Until Next time,


  1. Oh, sorry to hear that man,
    .___.; Don't worry about posting though, being alive and healthy is better than posting.
    Take it easy and hope you get better soon.

  2. I think it would be interesting to hear about what you saw, although if you don't want to I obviously understand.

  3. Sleep paralysis is normal everybody has this.

  4. chin up dude,
    and thanks for posting even now!

  5. Hrm, I cant recall ever experiencing sleep paralysis, seems scary ._.

  6. Sucks man, hope things get better.

  7. Sleep paralysis is TERRIFYING, isn't it?

  8. I'm sorry to hear this man. :(