Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Its tuesday tuesday gotta update on tuesday!

Hello World!
Its Tuesday, and I did nothing special. I woke up, went to work, I made some Tacos, made some Quesadillias , came home. While at work, there was this homeless guy who came in (he comes in alot to use our free wifi and eat our free chips and sometimes buys a taco) and he was in a very good mood today, it kinda freaked me out but not really if that makes sense, anyways, turns out he speaks a ton of Spanish. I don't though, so him and my co-worker were talking bad about me in Spanish, oh well I'm used to it. Oh the things I put up with being a white boy in a taco shop.
Is it sad that today at work I had to remind myself to update my Blog? I even made a mental list of what I needed to do:

  1.  Update Blog
  2.  Practice Mixing
  3.  Relax

Some how getting on skype with my lady friend fell onto that list.

Well I guess now I should go practice. BTW, I'm not new to spinning and am far from a "Bedroom DJ" I just try and practice at least two or three hours a day. Gotta keep my skills up :p
Ill post my practice mix up later for those of you who are interested in listening.

OH! and before I forget, you should like my DJ page

Seven Spinning at Mountasia in NRH

DJ Seven Fan page

Until Next time :]


  1. Nya~ We don't have to skype ;P now go make some tacos whitie!

  2. Dude, a homeless guy always come to our neighborhood, sits on the sidewalk on his laptop, and jacks wifi from my neighbors. Im glad im not alone. lol

  3. Haha My question is, Why do homeless people have Laptops

  4. It's always important to take some time to relax. It's easy to forget about yourself sometimes

  5. I used to use the name Seven on various internet forums/games

  6. @Geoffrey, yeah I hear that xD

    @Germs, nice :P yeah it is such a common name x,x

  7. lol if these homeless people have laptops..they could do a blog and get some cash for themselves! I've always wanted to know what the life of a homeless man is like besides the usual.