Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Taco Tuesday!

Hey World,

Feeling much better today, Had a nightmare but no sleep paralysis. Power just went out AAAA!
Anyways, todays mix was going to be my practice from austin... but while practicing I went a little nuts... and.... well... hardcore to breakcore to Donk... but like 200 bpm donk >.> to breakcore and all of a sudden there was.... Happy speed donk dub core step ...
and since the new site I host all my mixes on is making me apply for membership rather than just signing up... The mix is delayed D:

So I took my car into the shop today, and $770 later, my car was fixed. Oh well, what can ya do.
I went into work today, and did my usual taco making thing. I have noticed more and more homeless people coming in. I dont mind the homeless because they dont steal stuff, the gypsies in the are how ever... they're another story. Seriously, one time I gave this girl at least 20 3 oz (60 oz's) of queso for free x_x because technically if they ask after they pay were just supposed to give it to them, but yeah.. I finally was like, ok I'm about to have to start charging you for them. and the Gypsie mom did not like that one bit x_x (yes btw I mean real gypsies, look up the facebook group for the gypsies of white settlement)

So, since alot of people have asked me, I'll share with you my sleep paralysis experience. For those of you who don't know. Before you enter REM sleep (when you dream) your body goes through multiple stages. In one of the first stages, your body shuts down so it doesn't act out your dreams. Well just like some people act out their dreams (sleep walkers, talkers, etc) Some people (like myself) wake up, but their body doesnt wake up. This is called sleep paralysis. Sometimes it just kind of sucks because you can't move, and sometimes you hallucinate and or hear strange noises. My first memory of this is when I was taking a nap with my mom at my grandpas house a lonnngg time ago. I woke up, couldnt move, but I could hear voices coming from the closest and saw this little shadowy figure in the closest shifting things around. Well once I could move, I freaked out and did not go into that room again until I was 11. My mom remembers this happening (me freaking out) anyways, it happened every so often, but it wasn't until I was 14 or 15 that I understood what it was. Well the other night I was dreaming, and then suddenly it all went black. I was aware of myself being in a dream state, so I was trying to think of something so I wouldnt wake up. Then I heard noises best described as low, deep distorted humming. I opend my eyes, saw my ceiling fan and 3 black orbs swirling around my ceiling as if they were causing the humming. Shadowy mist looking waves started coming out of my walls and were forming shadow figures with white eyes. They were leaning over me seeming to get closer. There was a dark, old women standing near me leaning in and I could hear her like grunting and breathing. That was normal. The shadow people, that was normal too. But then I felt like this scratching, tingling feeling on my chest. I looked up as much as I could to see this imp like creature sitting on my chest trying to like scratch into me. I have never felt a hallucination before, so when I felt it scratching into me I tried screaming, but nothing came out but my breathing (which is also common). I finally shook my body awake enough to throw myself up and of course sitting up caused the hydrogenations to end.

So any of you wanna share your sleep paralysis stories with me?
I'm pretty interested.

Til Next time,


  1. I've had sleep paralysis before but it was forced. I read a guides on how to do it because my girlfriend suffers from this. It wasn't bad because I knew it wasn't real. However, I don't want to have to experience it ever again.

  2. Never experienced sleep paralysis, however i have experienced Gypsies, not a pleasant experience at all

  3. The first time I had it, I heard what sounded like my front door opening and someone moving towards my room. Obviously, I couldn't DO anything about it, other than be terrified that someone was breaking into my house and I couldn't move.

    Turned out to be nothing, by the by :P

  4. What in the world is gypsies ._.
    Never tried sleep paralysis before, now probably never will XDDD

  5. Gypsies. Gypsies everywhere.

  6. I have experienced sleep paralysis but never gypsies.

  7. I never experienced sleep paralysis. I even barely go dreaming while sleeping. :)

  8. Ow man.. looks like a horrible experience. Hope you can control it :/

  9. My brother has gone off on a rant about Gypsies for 30 minutes before haha.

  10. Meh, sounds like you need a deeper sleep somehow, g'luck with that