Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Im in a pretty great mood today despite all the craziness around me going on. Was gonna go down to Austin this weekend but.. not enough money x_x due to unexpected expenses. any who, heres a short little mix. like.. very little. But I was trying out some new mixing styles to give kind of more of a mash-up feel rather than mixing. Very influenced by Gammer (my freaking IDOL) and its how I plan on spinning at Darkside :P

Practice for darkside.. blog update by DJ_SEVEN

mkay, so its wednesday, my mom and sister are leaving for mexico today. I have a booking tomorrow (yes thursday night wtf) where mainly electro and dub step DJ's will be <,< hmmm. Well I hope I dont clear the dance floor too fast ;D I think Im gonna play Happy / UK Hardcore remixes of dub and electro songs just to see the reaction. Then just be like ha JK and spin trance. There aren't enough trance DJ's in the area.

I think I may have insomnia. I literally can't sleep. I used to be able to sometimes during the day, but nope. I was mixing last night, and I turned around and saw the sun through my window. I didnt even feel the time pass by. So I tried to sleep, got like an hour or too, and woke up to my mom in my room. I was like, woah what are you doing, and she was looking for a shirt or something. Idk. but then I couldnt fall back asleep, so I went downstairs and ate a waffle.

Most of you know that about a year ago I was in China. It was probaly the most amazing expirience of my life.While I was there. EVERYONE was freakin playing that angry birds game, I''ve noticed that the game has become alot more popular. So, for those of you that play the game  here is a way for you to enjoy angry birds on your pc.

Until next time.
Seven :D


  1. you should probably get some exercise.

  2. Exercise would help you to sleep.

    The game.

  3. I do work outs, and stretches and what not. Idk, I think it may be stress x_x

  4. i try do workouts as much as possibly, barely can make time for it though!

  5. I love the game! But I hate The Game...

  6. Ok.. What's with the game?
    Oh.. I just lost it. xD

  7. What IS with the game?