Wednesday, July 27, 2011


WORLD!! It's been a while

Mkay so yes, I have let this blog die. I have been way busy with school and work and DJing and all kinds of other personal life things.  But oh well, I'm back and I'm not gonna let it die this time. So, heres what is new.

I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND!! (peacock from a couple posts down) Jessica, but anyways. Yeah she is pretty great, no lie. As much as I'd like to rant on and on and on, I have to continue with my update.

I have chemistry class in less than an hour x_x I am probably failing because summer classes are horrid.

And finally, the club that I became so fond of (Darkside) is under investigation
(climax of the update)

I'd check these out.
Channel 8 and Fox News​ws/072611-alleged-sex-club-pos​ing-as-religious-ministry-clos​ed

.. so needless to say, I'll be spinning there this friday and tearing the club up with crazy Hardcore Breakcore Frenchcore and Jungle. ALL IN ONE!. Im gonna be sooo all over the place, Donking up the dance floor. 9001 Donks.
I'm totally addicted to donk.


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